Will Morata Be Made In Chelsea? 

To be presented with the news that Alvaro Morata was switching Spanish land for Stamford Bridge must have had Chelsea fans drooling.

The 24-year-old hitman has sealed a deal which sees him replace the dispensed-with services of Diego Costa. A fine warrior striker with cult status seems less than endearing to Antonio Conte, who has seen fit to reach out for a striker he has long admired.

He brought him to Juventus in 2012, and now believes he can cut it on more intimidating terrain.

Morata In Front Of Goal 

Prolific does seem to be an appropriate term here. Morata,  played second fiddle to the emblematic Ronaldo. Yet last year managed a terrific scoring rate (15) in a low collection of league games. Certainly when you consider that 12 of these league appearances have come from the bench, his contribution is little other than telling.

Style of Play

He cuts an interesting figure on the pitch, mainly for his figure itself. He is by no means a giant, yet is built with a stocky profile capable of being physically challenging.

His gameplay is built around coming to the ball. Adept at dribbling, he often moves to the wings to find possession, before he looks to make his attack into the box from the side.

His physical strength is combined with decent pace that makes him hard to push off the ball. This in itself draws a lot of fouls to him. He is judged to be fouled 1.3 times per game.

Will He Prove Better Than Costa?

A much admired figure by the Chelsea faithful, the departure of Diego Costa has to be supplemented by Morata’s abilities in front of goal. Despite his willingness to come and find the ball, Morata is there to provide the goals, leaving the wing runs to Eden Hazard and Willian.

Costa’s talent lay in his physicality and his aerial menace. A go-to strategy to build up attacks was in sending the ball to his feet and expecting a quick return pass.

As for Morata, he sees the goal first and foremost. His movement on the ball is where he has the advantage over Costa, and will look to be more involved in the build up. Conte may look to discourage him coming to find the ball where Hazard and Willian

He drifts to find possession. Doing this at Chelsea will only see him collide with the wingers. Yet should he stay central, and be the final touch to attacks, his consistency in front of goal for both Juventus and Real Madrid does underline why and how he can be a £60 million Chelsea successs.


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